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    13 Easy Hairstyles You Can Create at Home

    Trying out new hairstyles with your natural hair can be exciting.

    bantu knots hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    While you may like a good wash-and-go or twist-out, you may also want to try out other easy hairstyles at home.

    Here are 13 beautiful hairstyles you can create at home:


    Wash and Go On Natural Hair KOKO Brides Nigeria wash and go hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    One of the easiest natural hairstyle is the wash-and-go, because it is just like the name suggests—you wash it and go about your day. The number and type of styling products you use are totally up to you.

    2. Topknot

    topknot hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    If you like to keep your hair out your face, then a topknot might be right for you. To copy this style, make sure you smooth your roots and baby hairs down with a baby hair brush and edge styler before you create your large, luscious bun. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

    3. High Ponytail

    high ponytail hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    You can achieve this look by blow drying your hair and molding it down into your desired ponytail location with your edge control product. Then, style or attach your ponytail. This option can last anywhere between one to two weeks by wrapping the hair with a scarf while sleeping.

    4. Bantu Knots

    bantu knots hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    If you like trying styles that protect your hair while bringing you close to your African roots, then Bantu knots is the best option right for you. Just section your hair up and roll each part into a tight mini bun. Smooth down those baby hairs and you’re ready to go within minutes.

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    5. Textured Twist-outs

    twist out pattern KOKO Brides Nigeria

    All you need to do is dampen your hair and apply a styling product or two if necessary before you then twist individual two-strand sections. When your hair fully dries, you can unravel the twists and reveal your elongated, gorgeous curls.

    6. Mermaid Waves

    MERMAIDWAVES hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    First, divide your hair into small sections and spray each section with a heat protectant. Then use the waver to clamp your hair close to your roots, then continue the process down the length of your hair.

    7. Short, Bouncy Waves

    short bouncy waves hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Use large rollers on damp hair to get maximum stretch, and when your hair is dry, make sure to comb through a hydrating serum to seal your ends. If you have a hair dryer, you can achieve this look in as little as 30 minutes.

    8. Pigtail Cornrows

    pigtail cornrows hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Pigtail cornrows are one of the easiest natural hairstyles to achieve on your own. Unlike French braids, you need to make sure the crossing sections and the hairs you pick up along the way are going in an underhanded direction so your actual braids will pop off the head.

    9. Bushy Pony

    bushy pony hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Slick your hair into a low bun and wrap the ponytail around it. You can get this done in a few minutes.

    10. Double Braids With Slicked Edges

    double braids with slick edges hairstyle KOKO Brides Nigeria

    These pigtail braids are an easy and speedy style that you can achieve in minutes—though, if you’re braiding in extensions, it might take a little longer. You can always opt to extend with any type of braiding hair that is a close match to your original texture. A smoothing edge control product is ideal for creating a sleek look around the edges.

    11. Curly Pineapple

    curly pineapple hairstyles KOKO Brides Nigeria

    The pineapple method is a classic, fuss-free hairstyle that can be done in about three seconds. Just throw your head forward and gather your hair with your hair tie for a voluminous high ponytail.

    12. Brushed Out Curls

    brushed out curls hairstyles KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Brush out your natural hair. The volume you can achieve with this hairstyle looks great with a middle part.

    13. Braided Faux Hawk

    Kinky Twist Faux Hawk KOKO Brides Nigeria

    If you have longer hair or feel like adding something extra, top off the braids with Bantu knots that look great up against curls.

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