Five Beautiful 2018 Engagement Rings That Would Make You Go Green With Jealousy

An engagement ring is a popular and important aspect of the wedding ceremony. It indicates, most especially in the Western culture, that the wearer is engaged to be married. To men, it is another arduous task  of selecting and picking the “right one” for their lady, and to the women, well, its a lot more! It is their shinning little “precious” that they must show off to friends, their ticket to the “married circle”, their “okay, even though he’s a little annoying, c’mon look at the big cut on this thing”, yes, their that, and many more. Every woman loves their engagement rings, but it is common knowledge that  celebrities loves expensive and extravagant rings with gigantic rocks more, did we also mention  blingful and expensive? Well, here are some beautiful stars  that donned some big “cuts” in 2018..
Cardi B
Cardi B who recently welcomed her  first child with fiance, Offset,  got a whooping 8 carat pear-shaped ring rumoured to be worth around £300,000. The rapper told reporters at the Grammy awards earlier this year that: “It makes me feel good. ‘Even when we’re in an argument … I’m like does he really love me? He got me a half-million dollar ring, yeah he does. We really want to get married this year.”
Hailey Baldwin

Not all men knows their way around the ring store, well Justin does, and we say well done justin, that is some ring! Hailey Baldwin ring rumoured to be over£152,000 may have been inspired by Blake Lively’s unique tear-drop diamond ring.
Victoria Beckham
Ever known for her fashionable traits and taste, Victoria Beckham has 14 beautiful and posh engagement rings to herself, and we love them all! Victoria shared pictures of herself donning her 14th 2018 engagement ring, worth at least £40,000. The ring showcases a stunning square-cut yellow diamond on a pavé diamond band.
Emily Ratajkowski

Traditionally, Men picks the engagement rings, but fashion Icon Ratajkowski, would not be having any of that, as she designed her own ring, and it is absolutely beautiful. The double diamond ring was revealed by the super model after her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, initially proposed with a paperclip. This unusual ring features a teardrop-cut diamond and a princess-cut diamond on a thin gold band. This is a very modern design, with no side stones or pave details on the band. It is likely a double solitaire custom design.’This ring is most likely worth at least £190,000, likely more, depending on the quality of the diamonds.’
Lea Michele
Photo Credit: Getty
Ever the bubbly character, Lea Michele ring is a perfect personification of herself. The extremely radiant ring symbols her engagement to Zandy Reich, an American Businessman. The elongated cut diamond ring personally designed by her Fiance, was said to have cost him at least£76,000.  Simon G. Jewellery representative was quoted to have said that: ‘Lea’s ring features a rectangular radiant cut centre diamond around 4 cts which is set into a halo design. This is a beautiful, elongating ring which pairs well with a wedding band. “This ring would be at least  depending on stone quality”