Gone Are The Days Of Bland Traditional Bridal Attire!

Stylish Sapele – Delta State Bride

Overtime, fashion has evolved into something more fancy and modern. And the fact that fashion can be incorporated into any culture and tradition makes it more relatable and exciting.

Classy Niger Delta Bride

The most interesting aspect of fashionable traditional attire is that the essence of tradition is not lost or overshadowed by fashion. Tradition is still in place but with a little spice to make it acceptable and trendy in the fashion world. And once seen, it can be readily identified with a particular tribe or people.

Distinct Yoruba Bride

Below are more fashionable traditional bridal attires;

Elegant Hausa Bride
Chic Efik – Cross River Bride
Sleek Akwa-Ibom Bride
Kalabari Rich and Regal Bride
Fierce Edo Bride
Blue Igbo Bride

Source: Getty