Grooms Get In Here! See The Five Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Boutonnieres

The boutonnieres is a traditional flower or item attached to the lapel of a groom’s suit on the wedding day. For grooms who don’t really care about the colours of their boutonniere flower, they just go for anyone available at the grooms store. But this is for the fashionable groom who wants to look dapper in all round. So, lets get right to the tips on picking the perfect boutonniere for your big day

  • Colour: White, green and yellow are one of the best colours to go for when confused about your boutonniere colour, and what’s more? They are also the safest. But if you are tired of this, then you can switch things up a little in the colour department. Yellow and cream are also nice
  • Matching with your bride’s bouquet: Now this is where it gets tricky. Most brides love to match their groom’s boutonniere to the bouquet because traditionally that is how it’s done. However, the colour combinations are sometimes a no-no. If the bride would be carrying pink flowers, then a colour to mute the pink would be ideal
  • The non-flowery Boutonniere: This is for the groom who doesn’t really care for flowers especially when it comes to hanging one on their heart all day. There are tons of items to use as a boutonniere if you do not want to go for a flower. You can pick out fashionable lapel worthy items that are dear to you and attach a pin to it. You can opt for a cool pin, arrow-like pins, anchors, a family heirloom, a vintage key and many more.
  • Style: The style of your boutonniere should match the wedding theme, venue and bridal styles. For the formal get up and classy venues, a single boom with some embellishment is just perfect. Flowers like roses, are timeless and would forever add that stylish touch to your outfit regardless of the time you refer back to your wedding photos.

See some photos of cool boutonnieres below…

Photo Credit: Getty