Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Ink And Kunle Are Sure Destined For Each Other

    Could it have been a coincidence or fate decided to bring these duo that have been destined for happily everafter to meet up on that flight that fateful day.

    Ink and her colleagues were on a work trip when a colleague of hers asked a stranger to take a picture of them. Fast forward to recently, that stranger took her hands and promised her eternal love and care in the presence of family and friends.

    Here is what she said on her instagram page;

    “On 10/10/16, @mosesbabatope handed my phone to a sleepy stranger @0lakunle to take a photo of us on a work trip. That evening, the stranger saw the photo he took on Instagram and invited me to the launch of his interior design company a few months later (many months in advance 😛). We didn’t remember or mark the date. After our big plans were put on hold, we decided on a #civilwedding with 17 people. Just a few days before the registry, we were looking at photos from his brother’s wedding (as it was the anniversary). And the wedding was the reason my soon-to-be husband traveled that time. It made us remember the fateful flight where we saw each other, as he was on the way back to his Masters program. We checked the date – 10/10
    Just like our meeting, our wedding date wasn’t planned that way or to that day. It was destined. Exactly four years after, the sleepy stranger who took my phone that day to take a photo, took my hand to become my husband.

    Sometimes, Love isn’t wrapped in an elegant, cute, love seeking individual, it just happens and expresses itself as you give it time and attention.

    Undoubtedly, Ink and Olakunle are destined for each other as Ink gave us some “outfitgasm” with her 2 pieces civil wedding look. The attention to details, smooth process, fit and soft face glam made Ink completely dazzling.

    SOURCE: Instagram

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