Be Inspired By These 10 Super Itsekiri Traditional Wedding Attire

The Itsekiris are one of the Yoruboid subgroups of Nigeria’s Niger Delta area. They speak the Yoruboid language and can be found in Delta State.

Temotsi is the name for the traditional Itsekiri union. Every daughter is required to take part in this important ceremony.

During traditional marriage, the groom wears a long-sleeved shirt called a Kemeje, ties a George wrapper around his waist, and wears a hat with a feather stuck to it, while the bride wears a blouse and also ties a George wrapper around their waist. She wears colourful head gear known as Nes (scarf) or coral beads.

The brides-to-be always look forward to this important day and they usually take their time to look their best.

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Be inspired by these 10 super Itsekiri traditional wedding attire:

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