5 Best Lipstick Colours For Dark Skin

Knowing your skin undertone will help you choose the right lipstick. For cool undertones, you can use mocha, pink, ruby, or wine shades. For warm undertones, you can use pale pink, peachy, nude, or copper lip shades.

Here are some lipstick colours that are best fr dark skin:

1. Nude lipsticks for deep and dark skin tones

Accent your nude makeup looks with intensely pigmented formulae having warm undertones. Stick to bright and vibrant nude colors with rich undertones of red or chocolate brown.

If you wish to give your nude a brighter look, gloss it up for that dewy and glowing colour vibrancy. Avoid light nude lipstick shades that give deep skin colours a dull and chalky look. Do not choose a shade that is too close to your natural skin tone or darker making it get lost with the rest of your features.

2. Deep brown or Cocoa

Be proud of your dark skin color and flaunt it to the world confidently wearing lipstick shades of burnt chocolate with blue, and lively red undertones. These hues look absolutely gorgeous and flatter deep skin colors any time of the day.

3. Pretty pink with dark undertones

Don’t forget to explore the spectacular shades of fuchsia pink. These are bright and cheerful shades that work amazingly well for dark skin tones. Since these are blue-based, they also help make your teeth look whiter as you smile!

Just remember to avoid pink shades that are too light as they can end up looking too dull on dark skin! Instead, opt for any of the spectacular fuchsia shades that look flattering any time of the day.

4. Red

Red is a classic colour that flatters all skin colours and undertones and never fails to brighten up any makeup look. The trick to getting the best out of this gorgeous color is to pick the shade that best complements your skin tone.

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You just need to glide on some of the bold and beautiful red shades to instantly up your glamour quotient! Even though it looks dark, you can wear it during the day if you have dark skin. Opt for a shade that has a blue undertone, and you’re all set to rock any look any time. Just stay away from reds with purple undertones, and look for those with darker ones.

5. Rust Red

Shades of red with orange undertones can have an overpowering effect when applied to deep skin tones. Warm brick red with orange undertones perfectly complements brown skin shades so well that it’s going to make you feel confident anywhere.

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