Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    #LoveInLagos: This Vintage + Classic Bridal Shoot Is The Definition Of Fairytale And Wonderland

    Love is sensational. It makes all your senses come alive that’s all we can think about staring at the stunning photos from this bridal shoot? Finding someone who completes us and leaves our whole world feeling perfect is everything and we are excited to see people find love.
    #LoveInLagos: This Vintage + Classic Bridal Shoot
    The planner 0208_exquisite_events did an amazing work planning this shoot and every vendor that collaborated with them understood the assignment and delivered it. Scrolling through the stunning photos from the #loveinlagos bridal shoot we are smitten all over again looking at the love and affection they both share. We absolutely love the subtle makeup, styling, and cool tempo of this bridal shoot.

    The shoot is also serving some major inspiration for the Vintage + Classic wedding ceremony. So if your big day is coming soon, you certainly want to go through the photos in this shoot for the perfect inspiration.
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    Photographer: raremagic_gallery


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