Sunday, May 19, 2024

    Make Memories In That Wedding Outfit! It’s Not For The Ceremony Alone

    There is never enough time to prepare for your big day. You just have to make do with the time you have to do something worthwhile and memorable.

    Especially your wedding day, you will be bugged about deadlines, “oh the service has started”, “oh the pastor is waiting”, “you have to come out now” , “your guests are waiting”, “what are you still doing in there????” and all of that. But girl, have it in the mind that you gotta make so many memories you’d have to look back on and smile with words like “I’m glad I didn’t let time get to me.”

    Your dress, makeup, shoes and accessories are not just for the ceremony but for you to make memories with! Feel yourself in that outfit. You might not get to do such standard makeup and outfit glam again or in a very long while, so create enough snaps and capture enough memories in it.

    Tola and Tayo sure did and we advice you pick a cue from them. Don’t let anyone hurry you, it is a one in a life time experience so use it well.

    Photography: timioshinstudios

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