“No Condition Is Permanent!” Former Keke Napep Driver Shares His Love Story

Former keke nape driver reveals how he met his fiancee.

A man who used to be a Keke Napep driver has revealed how he met the love of his life as he shares his pre-wedding photos on his social media page.

He wrote:
“THIS IS HOW WE STARTED SOME YEARS AGO, she accepted me even with my condition and even loved me unconditionally, she bear me a child even when I don’t have anything to prove as a man… Now it’s my time to pay back and proved to her that I appreciated each moment spent with her…

“Now I believed what God has join together no man can put ASUNDER to it.. It’s an advice to the whole world don’t discriminate anyone because no man’s condition is expected to be static for ever..

“Please keep the date as we share our love on may 3RD @ OSUBI OPPOSITE THE AIRPORT AND also may 6th @ pti conference center…….. It’s going to be hot”.

Photo Credit: Getty