Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    O’maan “Your True Self Collection” Bridal Piece Was Made For Every Woman

    Abuja-based designer O’maan has released a collection called “Your True self Collection” that celebrates a woman seeing herself for who she truly is. The bridal collection encourages women to remember and recognize their power and strength, who they want to be, and love themselves again.

    The bridal piece collection has every piece for a wedding whether the woman is the bride with a stunning wedding dress only a queen deserves, a reception dress/ Afterparty look, and also a civil wedding inspiration. Wherever you belong O’maan has made a piece to celebrate the true you. The Bespoke pieces are made from a place of love, handcrafted with a message.
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    The designer shared: “Every piece in the collection reflects a strong woman, a woman who can take charge and is in charge, a woman who holds things and people together, a woman who makes and keep wealth. YOU ARE THAT WOMAN.. look in the mirror and see YOUR TRUE SELF”.

    Photo Credit: _omaan

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