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    How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Earrings That Will Complement Your Dress

    When it comes to your big day, every last detail from your wedding dress, your wedding earrings, your shoes, to your hair is chosen to make you feel beautiful and empowered.

    Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding earrings that will complement your dress:

    1. Timing

    Once you have your wedding dress, you know the style and neckline and can start thinking about how you want your hair and your jewelry. The neckline, your hair, and your other jewelry will be key in choosing your earrings.

    2. Dress Necklines and Style

    The style of the dress, is a statement of your personality. It also gives you that “wow” feeling when you put it on because it complements your body type with just the right cut.

    You want your wedding earrings to match the specific style of your dress too. So if you have a vintage dress, go with vintage earrings from the same era. If you have a modern dress, pick earrings with a contemporary but still elegant style.

    3. Earrings for a V-Neck Dress

    A V-neck wedding dress, by design, frames your neck and décolletage, so you want the focus of your jewelry to be right there in the form of a necklace.

    Pendants and chokers look fabulous with V-necks and so your earrings will be more understated.

    4. Earrings for a Strapless Dress or Sweetheart Neckline

    Structured earrings are nice with a contemporary style. Chandelier earrings are fabulous with a more classical style. And with florals, you can match your dress with floral or pearl earrings or even intricate or delicately designed hoops or swirls.

    Also, consider wearing your hair up to balance the dress and complement the earrings. Leave your neck and shoulders bare but have fun with hair accessories and earrings that pop and shine like your smile.

    5. Earrings for a Halter Dress

    For the halter-style wedding dress, you want to keep your jewelry to a minimum — elegantly understated. Wear your hair up and off your neck and go with studs or small dangling earrings. If your halter is contemporary, you can also go with long but thin diamonds or delicate and long hoops.

    The key here is length. You don’t want anything big to compete with the fabric at your neck. You want to elongate.

    6. Fabric Colour

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    Certain colours of gown fabrics tend to look better with different types of precious metals in your jewelry.

    If your gown is a creamy off-white with its more traditional and classic look, or champagne or beige, classic gold is your best bet when it comes to your bridal earrings and other jewelry.

    If you have a pure white wedding dress that pops, silver and platinum are the metals to go with.

    If you have a dress with a tinge of pink or rose, the rose gold will complement the blush in the fabric.

    7. Your Style

    The most important thing to remember when picking your wedding day earrings is your personal style and taste. You have to love these earrings and feel fabulous in them.

    Start by perusing earrings that seem to be a fit for your dress. Try on the ones that pop out at you and get you excited with the thought of wearing them.

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