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    Helpful Tips To Protect Your Skin From Getting Darker In The Sun

    Your skin produces melanin to protect itself from UV rays. The effect of this is it causes your skin to get darker.

    You can protect your skin from getting darker in the sun with these helpful tips below:

    Wear sunscreens and sunblocks

    Lotions, creams, and blocks that protect from the sun work in different ways, but they are all designed to protect your skin from damage.

    Wear sunscreen every day

    This still applies even if you don’t plan to go outside. Your body is still exposed to UV rays inside because UV passes directly through glass and windows in buildings and houses.

    Wearing sunscreen to be in the car is also important because UV also passes through car windows.

    Wear sun-protective clothing

    There are clothes out there that are designed to protect you from the sun.

    Cover your face. To protect your face from tanning or burning, wear a wide-brimmed hat with a brim that’s at least two to three inches wide.

    Look for hats with total coverage brims or veils that protect sensitive areas like the ears and back of the neck. If you want to wear a baseball hat or hat with minimal coverage, pair it with a sun-protective veil or bandana that will cover exposed areas.

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