Rethinking Satin? Check Out These Five Awesome Satin Wedding Dresses And Why You Should Rock Them

In the Nigerian wedding dress scene, the satin wedding dress seems to be fading out of fashion. More brides are opting for the lace, tulle, or organza wedding dresses with Satin loving brides thinning week in and out. This we thought must be because Nigerian brides have forgotten the awesomeness of a satin wedding gown, and we have decided to make a case for the stunning wedding dress option. Satin dresses go well with any body type and can accentuate your body figure perfectly. They are easy on the eye and do not even get us started on how amazing they look in pictures. Their shinning surface absorbs the light from wherever source perfectly and this, in turn, makes you the beautiful centre of attraction. They are perfect for any length and style, as they come in different weights and can be draped perfectly. They are also very adaptable, especially when they are not too long, a satin wedding gown can go well as a reception dress. Still in doubt? Check out these five stunning satin wedding dresses below… Photo Credit: Getty