Slay Effortlessly In This Modest Muslimah Bridal Look

Our Muslim brides are always an absolute delight to see with how they merge modesty and glam for their Nikkah ceremony. For this special and sacred occasion, the bride is fully covered up in her regal attire but she is still allowed to stun and serve looks regardless.

Slay Effortlessly In This Modest Muslimah Bridal Look We know that a major part of your life as a Muslimah is your modesty and sometimes it’s a struggle to find a look that defines modesty and glam altogether but this wedding dress and bridal look nails it all together. This breathtaking white dress is sewn to perfection and is emphasized on beautiful patterns. The dress is rocked with a white turban and veil. This Muslimah bride is wearing flawless and clean makeup that sits on her pretty face. So is your Nikkai ceremony on the way this is the perfect inspiration for you.
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Photo Credit: bashphotoz