Snappy Couples Traditional Outfit Inspo For Our KOKOnistas

Yoruba couple in Vintage Aso-oke

The choice of outfit for the Groom-to-be is determined by the culture he is dressing for, his sense of fashion and taste for design. But one way or the other, the Bride-to-be can influence whatever the Groom-to-be wants to wear.

Minimal Igbo couple

This is because the Bride-to-be’s outfit kinda serve as a guide to what the Groom-to-be’s outfit should look like. The color blend/color mix, the style, design, embellishment, style and fit should complement the style of the Bride-to-be.

Below are some couple’s traditional wedding attire for you.

Dashing Yoruba couple
Elegant Igbo couple in Isiagu traditonal attire
Happy Hausa couple
Endearing Edo couple
Exquisite Yoruba couple in blue
Cute Northern couple
Stunning Yoruba Muslim couple in white
Yoruba couple in charming Aso-oke
Alluring Niger-Delta couple
Outstanding Igbo-Rivers couple

Source: Getty