10 Steps To Pick The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Dear KOKObrides, we know your best girls are your bridesmaid for your big day and you want them to look just as good as you do for your big day. It is also very important to make sure that the bridesmaid dress comes through elegantly as well.

The Perfect Bridesmaid DressYour crew is going to be different girls with different personalities and it is important that your dress choice is perfect for their personalities not missing anyone out. Every dress should be made to suit diverse shapes, sizes, and preferences. We know your head is spinning with choices don’t worry, because we have the solution with these 10 easy tips to pick the perfect bridesmaid dress.
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  1. Body shape
    Everyone has a unique shape and no two people are blessed with the same body type. Your girls have different body types and whatever dress you are picking for them is to be one that highlights everyone’s features and makes them look their best.
  2. Color choice
    Whether you choose a nude or bright coloured fabric for your best girls for your big day remember to pick a colour that will complement everyone’s skin and make them glow perfectly.
  3. Keep fabrics and styles simple
    Make sure your style is simple as they say simplicity never goes out of style. Your fabric choice might be a classy one that doesn’t focus on trends and will work for the style you choose.
  4. Consider the time of day and season
    The time and season of your wedding will also play a huge role in the fabric and style choice of your bridesmaid dress. In the summer you want light fabrics and if you have a night wedding you would want a fabric that doesn’t expose the body to a lot of colds and could keep them warm a bit.
  5. Comfortable enough for dancing
    What is a wedding without the fire dance moves of the bridal train who set the dance floor ablaze? You want your girls to have the best time and a memorable night so remember to make the style choice a comfortable and easy dress.
  6. Respect budgets
    Make sure you do not pick an overpriced style or fabric as you consider the financial capability of your girls so they don’t go overboard with their budget or go broke.
  7. Don’t overthink it
    We spend a lot of time obsessing over the bridesmaid dresses the same way we obsess over our dresses. Avoid overthinking and let your heart make the best decision or trust your girls to make a great choice that complements or fits perfectly.
  8. Don’t lose your friendship over a dress
    It is your big day and you would want everything to be just perfect so you might be a bit obsessive and bossy. Remember these are your best girls who you love and try not to enforce your choice on them and also respect their decision because you trust them. Don’t lose a friendship over a dress it will never be worth it.
  9. Personalities
    Everyone on your train has their unique and diverse personalities so it should be allowed to reflect in their looks on this day. Let them feel and look like themselves while still looking out for you.
  10. Get Creative
    Who says you can’t break the rules with your girls for the big day. Come up with your own style and get creative showing off the magic that you all represent as amazing women. Let creative juices flow in picking the perfect bridesmaid dress.

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