#themenkitis; Onyeka Got Hooked To His First Love And Confidant

When you find love, when you find true love, instincts will help you sustain it and see to its full growth and manifestation. Sometimes, love just happens even if you are not on a quest for it.

Adesuwa found love quite early in life, she was 18 when she started dating the love of her life, Onyeka. Although she started early, she was able to know that Onyeka is the man for her and they both pushed through all odds until the day they were pronounced Husband and Wife.

From the time of her surprise proposal, to her bridal shower, engagement and church wedding, Adesuwa couldn’t help but be happy and gush over her husband’s consistent and unconditional love and care for her.

When they had their pre-wedding photoshoot, Adesuwa had this to say on her Instagram page;

Exactly 12years ago I took a chance on love. I was just 18years old, but I was so certain that he was The One. He was rugged then😂 but so gentle, humble…the perfect gentleman. Our UniAbuja days were priceless (If you ever knew me then, you’d definitely know him). He left for Youth Service in Lagos in 2012 and I thought that was the end. But he NEVER stopped loving me for a second. He came back to Abuja immediately after service and then I left for my own Youth Service in Lagos. My guy couldn’t stay oh😂. He relocated to Lagos and stayed with his friends just to be close to me. After service and working for a year, I decided to come back to Abuja. He thought Lagos had more opportunities so he stayed back. Six months after I relocated to Abuja, he also relocated back to Abuja.🤦🏻‍♀️ Whenever we had issues and I felt sad, I would pray to God saying, “Lord, I’ve spent so many years with this man. If he is not for me, please let him go now. Do not let us waste our years.” The more I prayed that prayer the closer we became. God took control, and apparently, the rest is history. The universe tried but God had already designed this union. I’m getting married to the man with the key to my heart.
My First and Only.
My best friend who compliments me in every way.
My joy knows no bounds. You were worth the wait.❤️ Save the Date ■ 12/09/20

Onyeka on the other hand had this to say about his “Khaleesi”;

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor from the Lord “proverbs 18:22”. “We met at a very young age but I had that gut feeling I’ve met my wife and I was strongly convinced. Though I was all broken, needing patches and rough around the edges, she didn’t flinch and stuck with me all through. It’s been over a decade of amazing friendship and all these years you have made me realize that you do not need all the money in the world to feel rich, looking forward to the rest of my life with you. #themenkitis 12.9.20″

Source: Instagram