Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    This Deluxe Bridal Dresses from De Lujo Collection by Zhalima Grazioni Is Simply Breathtaking!

    Begone, the new queens are here to take over! so says contemporary wedding gowns to traditional wedding dresses with the ‘boring’ lace embellishments. This Zhalima Grazioni bridal couture perfectly fits into the modern wedding gowns for the extra stylish bride. The beautiful colours in red, baby pink, royal blue with stunning beaded works, 3D floral pattern and feature brooch belt gave it all the gorgeous glitz and glam associated with contemporary wedding gowns. From the luxurious wedding gowns to the reception dresses, pre-wedding gowns, suits and many more, this breathtaking 2019 De Lujo collection is perfect for the modern bride. See more photos below…

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