Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    This Traditional Bridal Look is Perfect For Your Big Day

    The Lockdown has been eased gradually across the country and events are starting to take place in the ease of the lockdown. Over the last few weeks we have seen a few weddings hold which means the wedding scene is gradually returning back to life and for our brides to be we have found a bridal look you will absolutely love.

    This stunning beauty look is perfect for our traditional ceremony especially for our brides from the eastern part of the country. This nude beauty look is a great choice for brides who want a clean and flawless face beat for their big day. The smokey eye look brings a lot of details to the eyes making it pop and sexy.

    The subtle glossy glam, smokey eyes is just the perfect way to introduce the bride. The use of contacts by the muse is a great choice for the brides who want to go a little extra with their eyes for their big day. We can’t wait to see our brides give this stunning look a try.

    Photographer: 001 pixel

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