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    Tips To Help Ijaw Brides Slay To Their Traditional Wedding

    An Ijaw traditional wedding is a day usually filled with lots of excitement where everyone comes to cheer for the newlyweds. Ijaw brides are expected to look the best on their big day, and her entire outfit is to be planned prior to the d-day. One of the best things about an Ijaw traditional wedding is fashion.
    Tips To Help Ijaw Brides Slay To Their Traditional Wedding

    Ijaw brides wear about 2 to 3 different attires for their traditional wedding ceremony, the occasion is usually packed with family and friends and is packed with activities that depict the culture and traditions of the Ijaw tribe. We’ve put together some tips that will help our Ijaw brides slay to their traditional wedding.

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    Define your style
    If you plan to slay to your traditional wedding, then it is vital for you to know and define your style. Let your personal style reflect on your big day and trust it when we say you are in for an amazing time.
    Pick out your Outfits
    For Ijaw brides, you will be picking at least 3 different outfits to wear, if you want you can always pick out more. Get your outfit ready on time and planned to suit the theme of your traditional wedding.
    An Ijaw bride is never fully dressed without her accessories, from her beaded crown to the coral beads around her neck, waist, wrist, and ankles, etc. It is mandatory for an Ijaw bride to be well accessorized.

    Choose your bridal beauty look
    Your bridal beauty look is what complements the bride’s entire appearance, and the bride is usually the center of attention and should definitely look her best every step of the way.
    Choose your theme
    Choose the right theme for your traditional wedding, take your time and choose a theme that suits you and your partner.  Your theme determines the attire you will pick out and even your bridal beauty look.

    Be open-minded
    Keep an open mind, another step to slaying your overall bridal look is to be open-minded and accept recommendations from friends, a former bride, or your bridal team. To make things easier you could consider using a bridal stylist who cuts down your options and helps define your style.

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