Top 5 Trending Bridal Makeup Artiste In Nigeria

This is the list of the top 5 makeup artists trending in Nigeria.

These makeup artiste have been able to stand out amongst a whole of other successful ones. They have travelled with clients outside the shores of the country. These artists have been able to build a brand for themselves through their exquisite artistry with makeups. Here’s the top 5 trending bridal makeup artists in Nigeria.
1. Banke Meshida Lawal simply known as BM Pro is a top player in the beauty industry and she’s been on a lot of demand. She’s mostly patronised by high-profile individuals and top celebrities in Nigeria and beyond. She has been in the beauty industry for about 16 years and she’s still trending.

2. T.Alamode is one of the new and trendy makeup artiste in Nigeria. She got a lot of spot in the industry in 2017 as her art was spotted on most of the celebrities in Nigeria. She’s the brain behind most bridal makeup of celebrities at their weddings and as a wedding guest.

3. Jide St. Ola is a male make up artiste. He left Lagos for Abuja recently and has gathered a lot of accolades.He’s responsible for the unforgettable looks on most celebrities and top profile brides. If you are in Abuja and you need a makeup artiste, Jide St. Ola got you covered.

4. Bibyonce is known for her fierce makeover style. Her signature includes her dramatic tear duct which has been noticed on a lot of celebrities and high-profile clients. Anytime you want to switch things up a bit and doll up, Bibyonce is the best choice.
5. Tara of House of Tara. This list would be incomplete without including the pioneer of extraordinary makeups in Nigeria. She’s also known for training institution known as House of Tara for upcoming make up artists. Tara, carved her brand name out of her name also has a make up kit industry. She’s a top-notch at making you look fabulous at any event.
Photo Credit: Getty