Tope And Tunde Are The Picture Perfect Yoruba Couple

When love happens, everything else seems to be on hold until you’re finally joined to that one person that makes your heart beat so fast. In so doing, it is expedient that it be done in the right way.

As Yorubas, the right way for such joining is the wedding engagement ceremony where some cultural rites are performed and the Bride is later on handed over to her Groom for eternity together.

But then, performing cultural rites doesn’t negate dressing so gorgeous. As much as the couple don’t want to lose tradition in their engagement plans, they should pick the best outfits to exude class and elegance on their big day.

For a Yoruba Groom, either humongous or bitty, the Agbada is essential and part of the dressing. Also for the Yoruba bride, her aso-oke, Gele and Ipele are essential. As far as these are part of their outfit, they can decide to tweak it into anything they want and is fashionably accepted.

Here are some pictures;

Photography: ts.imagery_events