8 Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss could be due to different reasons. For some, it could be genetic, for others, it could be some other environmental or biological factors.

If your body is going to lose all of its hair naturally, there is not so much you can do about the loss of your hair.

However, there are actually lots of ways that we often damage our hair without even realizing it, and you may be able to curb the rate at which you lose it depending on why it is falling out. In some instances, you may even be able to prevent the loss entirely!

Here are some of the ways you can prevent hair loss:

1. Avoid tight hairstyles

Tying your hair back every day or keeping it tightly braided will certainly lead to hair loss over time. Opt for looser hairstyles whenever possible, and avoid tying your elastic bands too tightly.

2. Minimize your hair’s exposure to heat

Heat strips your hair off the proteins that keep it strong. Over time, constant heating can turn hair brittle, which may cause hair loss that would not have occurred otherwise.

3. Avoid hair dyes and colour treatments

These products put a lot of stress on your hair and scalp. If you want the best shot at a full head of hair later on, keep your natural hair colour.

  • Bleaching is especially harmful for your hair, since it strips the nutrients in your hair and scalp.
  • If you do dye your hair, either skip the bleach or choose a colour that doesn’t require it in the first place

4. Relax in your spare time

Stress can have a huge impact on your hair, so self-care is a must. It is especially problematic if you are under stress every day.

If you are having a hard time at school or work, set aside time when you get home to do something you enjoy. Take a bath, read a good book, or pursue something you are passionate about. The more stress you can relieve, the slower your hair will fall out.

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5. Get more sleep

Not getting enough rest might make your hair fall out faster. Sleep hygiene also plays a big role in this. Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time, keep the temperature cool at night, and make sleep a priority!

6. Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Not getting the right nutrients your body needs can lead to hair loss. There are a ton of different minerals and nutrients that keep your hair strong. However, you can normally get everything you need from eating healthily.

7. Control your alcohol consumption

Heavy alcohol use will cause hair to fall out over time. Hair loss is one of the big side effects of long-term alcohol abuse and liver disease

8. Stop smoking

Aside for the fact that smoking is bad for your health, it can also harm your hair.

The hair loss from smoking appears to be less dramatic than the hair loss from heavy alcohol use. However, drinking too much and smoking are both bad for you, so quitting is still going to be a smart move

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