Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Wonders Of A Green Northern Bride

    Fashion isn’t just about wearing what is trending or in vogue but also about a seamless blend of color to achieve the perfect color mix for the bride. This is where creativity in fashion comes in.

    When it comes to picking colors for the wedding, Green is scarcely a go to color for the bride. Reason being that blending it with other colors might seem off or a little difficult. So they rather go for a more versatile color.

    However, picking your wedding color should be a reflection of your personality. Zainab being a cool bride decided to go for Shamrock Green, with a mix of a Teal Green flowery material that had different colors in its minimal form.

    This outfit is captivating and Zainab did rocked it well as she wore it for her Kamu wedding ceremony.

    Photography: nonsookoye_weddings

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