Sunday, May 26, 2024

    You Need To Recreate This Extra Unique And Creative Igbo Bride Photoshoot

    Bridal outfits and photos have transcended beyond basic looks. More brides are opting for OTT and creating inspos that are both unconventional and super stylish. This bridal igbo photoshoot is all these and more! Unique hairstyle, awesome fashion and face glam, all the more looking totally breathtaking. Sharing how they got inspired to create this, sleek beauty shop reveals that

    A wedding day is one of the most important and special events in the life of a woman. The traditional attire is one of the highlights of the occasion, it portrays the culture and is really majestic. The Igbo bride should always capture everyone’s attention hence this bridal look.

    We were inspired by the epic Igbo traditional attire. How the Igbo brides wore magnificent necklaces, beads, with their hair decorated with coral beads and also adorning their waists with jigida. This kind of attire and costume is going extinct and with this, we hope to remind ourselves of how beautiful, rich and magnificent our traditional attire and costumes are.

    Photo Credit: Chimepixel

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