10 Fantastic Ways To Have Fun At Family Reunion

Family reunions are all about getting together, celebrating the good times, and creating new memories. Family reunions are so much fun, but they also take a lot of planning and attention to detail.

You can create opportunities to get-together with these heartwarming reunion ideas:

  1. Think About Everyone’s Needs and Interests

Families come in all shapes and sizes, with lots of different personalities and preferences to consider. As such, it’s important to think about everyone’s needs, interests, budgets and ages, so that you can plan accordingly.

Make sure you plan activities and games that are easy for the entire family to enjoy. When planning your catering, ask people for their favourite meal ideas and any dietary requirements. Don’t host your family reunion in an expensive destination if your family is on a budget, just keep it simple. The goal is to have fun.

2. Gaming night

Bring your family together for a fun gaming night that everyone can join. Introduce the younger members of the family to nostalgic classics from your childhood. For the older members of the family, keep the game less stressful and more fun for them. Introduce games like ‘dancing round the chairs’, ‘snake and ladder’, etc.

3. Talent Show

Every family has a star or two, so let them shine with a family talent show. This is a fun idea if there are lots of kids (and big kids) at the gathering. You don’t have to be a flawless singer or a wonderful magician to have fun with a talent show. Task people to share a talent of theirs and have a laugh as you all watch together.

4. Family Potluck

Treat your family to classic dishes and traditional recipes you all love with a family potluck dinner. Ask everyone to cook and bring their favourite dish inspired by a family recipe, or something new they have created. Create little signs to go next to each dish along with a quote about why they are special.

5. Family Photo Shoot

A family reunion is a better time for a family photoshoot. Book your favourite photographer to come to the event and take some lovely casual and staged photographs of you all to treasure.

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6. Outdoor Movie Night

Want a cozy way to celebrate your family gathering? Take the fun outside and host a wonderful outdoor movie night for your family. (This is also a great socially distanced activity). Gather under the stars with a projector screen or take the event inside a rustic family barn. Make sure you have plenty of blankets, hot cocoa, popcorn and candy to enjoy as you laugh or cry the night away with a classic movie.

7. Family Olympics

If your family is active and up for a challenge, you can host a family olympics. Recreate your favourite sporting events and challenges at your family reunion for a guaranteed way to make everyone laugh. Relay races, table tennis, tug of war are all fun family reunion games.

8. Camp Under the Stars

Go for the ultimate back-to-nature get-together and stage a camping event for your family reunion. Ask your loved ones to bring their tent, sleeping bag and supplies to join you for a camp-out under the stars. You can stage an indoor version at home instead and recreate that outdoor atmosphere in your living room.

9. Family World Map

If you have family all over the world, creating a family world map can be a fun way to bring you closer together and share stories. Print out or commission a large world map that you can all pinpoint your locations on. Make it a real talking point at your event and encourage people to share photos, stories and funny moments about what life is like where they live.

10. Weekend Get-away

If you’re lucky enough to have a generous budget to plan for your family reunion, taking everyone on a weekend get-away is a lovely way to celebrate. Whether you opt for a weekend away in a cabin by the lake or a skiing trip that you’ve always dreamt of, heading off somewhere together is a wonderful way to recreate memories that will last forever.

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