10 Items You Must Have To Handle A Wedding Emergency

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding day where everything goes as planned without a hitch and you have the day of your dreams but we also know that nothing is ever as it seems and anything can happen at any time. Wedding emergencies are a reality that many deals with on their wedding day and sometimes it throws everyone off balance and ruins the mood.

In some situations, there is someone on hand who can handle such a situation and provides the perfect solution to the issue. Today we share with our intending brides 10 items they must have to handle a wedding emergency.
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*Bobby pins
Bobby pins are very important for the bride and her squad for their hair and ensuring that the hairstyling is intact. Many times bobby pins fall off or just break on the way so having an extra one in place will save the day and keep your glam in place.

*Instant Stain Remover Pens
A stain remover pen or wipe is essential for your wedding to clean up any spill that may happen during the wedding prep. Spills are bound to happen and you should be prepared to take care of the mess when the need arises.
Baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, or tissues are very important and essential in your wedding emergency kit. To wipe down surfaces, makeup emergencies, or other lady stuff that needs attention.
*Safety pins
Safety pins can help with just about any fashion emergency, from a broken bra strap to a torn hemline. Make sure to have a range of sizes available so you’ll be ready for anything. Buy a pack of pins and keep it handy ready for whatever emergency we are dealing with.
*sewing kit
A sewing kit in case a button pops off or you notice any loose strings that need to be taken care of. In case you need to quickly stitch any loose beads or appliques back in place.

Many things pop off or break during wedding prep and need to be put together ASAP before the other things we need. When you need to fix a nail or something unexpected on your dress.

With all of the talking and all the preparation, you will probably get pretty thirsty. Get a small cooler filled with water for the day. Water is the safest option for the day so no one stains their wedding dress with any liquid.

*First Aid
having a first aid kit on hand is a really good idea at a wedding even though we all do not hope for the worst they sometimes happen and need to be taken care of. A small first aid kit is enough to do the magic.

The bride or anyone on the train can get their period on the day of the wedding so having this handy will help save a lot of panics. Get tampoons or pads and have them kept safely in case anyone needs them.

*Mints and Chewing gums
Breath is easy to smell and you don’t want to have stinky breath on your big day. Pack some breath mints to put your mind at ease. You can also get chewing gum to help you manage tension and also nausea if you feel so.

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