10 Things To Know As A Wedding Guest

Getting invited to a wedding as a wedding guest is nice, but you should know there are things to take note of, so you don’t end up ruining the wedding unintentionally or end up being the talk of the day on a bad note.
10 Things To Know As A Wedding Guest

So you can blend into any wedding you attend, we have put together a list of things you as a wedding guest should know so you don’t end up making a fool out of yourself. Here are 10 things to know as a wedding guest.
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Choose a gift for the couple wisely
When attending a friend’s wedding, it is prompt that you get a gift to show support and care. Choosing gifts might be tricky, so make sure you get the appropriate gift that will be useful to the couple as they start a new life together.
Know what to wear and what not to wear
Don’t dress like a clown, at the same time don’t dress to outshine the bride because it is not your wedding. You are just a wedding guest so follow through with the dress code given and dress appropriately.
Be on time
Try to arrive twenty minutes before the time listed on the invitation. Sometimes, the unavoidable happens and you find yourself running late to the ceremony. Make it possible that you arrive on time.

Don’t steal from the reception
Most people find it hard to believe that wedding guests actually steal or try to steal from a wedding. Don’t be the wedding guest that everyone refers to as a thief, behave yourself so you don’t end up being disgraced.

Don’t get wasted
We understand that it is a party and there is going to be a lot of drink and food, and you can always have a good time without getting wasted. Imagine getting wasted and misbehaving at your friend’s wedding and having to be dragged out because of that. The couple wouldn’t find it funny as well as other wedding guests that were invited.
Don’t be a party pooper
A party pooper is someone who spoils all the fun. Don’t be a party pooper at a wedding, don’t be a wedding guest that sits down when it is time to dance with the bride and groom or it is time to catch the bouquet. Nobody likes a party pooper.
Make sure to congratulate the family
Even if you’ve never met the couple’s parents, seek them out to introduce yourself, thank them and tell them how much you enjoyed the wedding.

Don’t photobomb the official photographs
There is time for everything when it is time to take photos with the couple then feel free as a wedding guest to do so, don’t photobomb photographs you have not been invited to join.
Don’t assume you can bring a date without asking
This is one problem that gets associated with a wedding guest. If you are given an invitation card it means you are expected to come along. Unless you were specifically told to bring any other person you wish, don’t bring an uninvited guest.
Don’t bring your kids if they are going to make a scene.
Kids always have a way of making a scene. If your kids are not old enough to control themselves and behave, it is better you leave them at home and have someone watch over them rather them have them make a scene at the wedding.

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