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    20 Items To Add To Your Wedding Registry

    One exciting aspect of wedding planning is creating your wedding registry and this is a list of gift items couples want as souvenirs from their friends, family members, and wedding guest for their wedding. A registry is created by the couples to help them give their guest an idea of what they would love to be gifted for their wedding.

    20 Items To Add To Your Wedding Registry

    These gifts are ones that the couple will use together, share or use to set up their home when they begin their married life. The registry should reflect who you are as a couple and also explain your choices and taste. Creating a wedding registry helps people contribute to your home or your honeymoon with their gifts, helps your family members, friends outside the country the chance to get you a gift, and friends or family members who have no idea what to get for you will understand what you need.
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    20 Items To Add To Your Wedding Registry 1 KOKOBRIDESFor a lot of couples, they receive several unnecessary gifts during and after the wedding and many become redundant or in excess so they give them out or throw them away. With a wedding registry, you are more specific about what you want so your guest does not spend money on unnecessary gift items. Here is a list of items you add to your wedding registry.

      1. Cookware Set
        A lot of cooking will happen in your new lives and a great cookware set inspires the chef in you. So having someone get this for you adds to your kitchen equipment and also inspires you to make great meals at home.
        cookware set
      2. Cutlery set
        You will eat together and also host dinner, lunch dates in your home with friends, family members so great cutlery will add to your dining experience.
        Stainless Steel 304 latest Design Gold Cutlery Set KOKOBRIDES
      3. Champagne Flute and wine cups
        A great champagne flute or wine cup is just as important as the drink itself and as you create a new dining experience in your home your champagne flute, shot cups will add to the overall aura.
      4. Coffee Maker
        If you are a couple that loves drinking coffee then you should definitely add this to your list. Waking up in the morning and making coffee together with your espresso sounds like a cute idea.
      5. Mixer and Oven 
        Baking is a great way to bond and improve intimacy and with your partner. It is also a good idea to bake a few goodies together at home in your free time and much on it.
      6. Dinnerware set
        You will eat together and also host dinner, lunch dates in your home with friends, family members so great dining wear like your bowls, plates are a good idea while enjoying quality meals.
      7. Beddings
        A lush duvet, pillow, bed comforter are all great additions to your room giving you a lush and great feel as you lay on the bed. Your room is an essential part of your life make it as comfortable as you can and enjoy your space.
      8. Artworks
        Artworks are definitely a must-have on your wedding registry list as you add them as decorative pieces to your home. They give your home a beautiful aesthetically pleasing look. 236354397 121552636875775 7470521203221424290 n
      9. Coffee Table
        A coffee table is a low table designed to be placed in a sitting area for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, books, decorative objects, and other small items.
      10. Sofas or Chairs 
        Furniture is essential in setting up your home so add them to your wedding registry and have someone gift them to you and stylishly decorate your home.
        doiidesigns 240633687 547794592970057 2648294381662508271 n
      11. Sitting hammock
        Relax and unwind on a sitting hammock while soaking in a great view and sipping on wine or coffee with your partner. You will enjoy this gift in your home and find it a great choice.
      12. Matching Robes 
        What’s more cute and stunning than rocking matching robes with your partners in your home. You both look amazing and can bond while enjoying your daily activities together.
        matching ribes wedding registry 2 kokobrides
      13. Smart speaker
        Listen to music around your home and enjoy your curated joint playlist together while going around your day together.
        smart speaker amazon alexa echo KOKOBRIDES
      14. Gym equipment
        Any fitness couple will love this as they work out and embrace a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of their own home. Fitness couples will greatly appreciate this.
        gym equipment WEDDING REGISTRY 2 KOKOBRIDES
      15. Home appliances
        A home appliance is a machine that assists in household functions and as you settle into your new routine as a couple they will definitely come in handy.
      16. Cash
        A couple can never have too much money as they will always need more to fund their new lifestyle. An account will be included for payments and it could be a joint account.
      17. Beverage Chiller
        As you host different dates this will come in handy to keep your drinks and it is cooler when it is customized with your name as a couple.
      18. Customized Napkins
        You need this around the kitchen while making your meals for your cleaning and other uses. If they are personalized they feel more intimate and special.
        Customized Personalized Napkins Custom napkins Embroidered Cloth Napkins Wedding Gift KOKOBRIDES
      19. TV stand
        A TV Stand to fit their television as they set up their new home and settle into a new life as a married couple.
        tv stand kokobrides
      20. Spa gift card
        After the wedding stress a good way to relax, bond and unwind is a couple spa date as you are treated to a range of services at the Spa.

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