6 Romantic Private Proposal Ideas

Whether your proposal plans are elaborate or simple, popping the question can be daunting. Therefore, you might prefer the idea of proposing in private rather than with an audience.

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1. Intimate Picnic Proposal


Pack a nice blanket, a few cushions, and a hamper with all of your favourite food and drink. Then head to a secluded spot to enjoy it. This could be in a local park if you don’t mind the idea of strangers seeing you from a distance.

2. Plan A Romantic Trip Away

You may both like relaxing holidays, or perhaps you prefer adventurous holidays, including hiking to see beautiful views or going on a sightseeing trip. Whatever your vacation style, they’re a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together and reconnect, without all the pressures and chores of everyday life. And all of this makes a holiday ripe ground for turning a destination proposal into a private proposal idea.

3. Proposing At Home

You don’t have to leave your own home to pull off an epic private proposal idea. Instead of hiring a venue, you could set up a space on your building’s rooftop or your flat’s balcony – get creative with the space you have!

4. Breakfast In Bed

Even if you live with others, the chances are that you’ll be alone when cosied up in bed. Make the most of this by proposing with breakfast in bed! Prepare a delicious spread of their favourite breakfast foods.

5. Propose With A Board Game

You could order a custom board game or, if you’re using a classic game, slip the engagement ring in the box when your partner’s not looking. If you’re playing a word game, like Scrabble, you could even spell out “MARRY ME” in the tiles!

6. On Her Birthday

You can propose on her special day by getting a gif box for her. Pretend you’ve picked up a box of chocolates, or perhaps a bouquet, just because, and nestle the ring inside.

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