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    7 Beautiful Decoration Ideas For In-door Proposals

    Planning a proposal is more stressful than it might seem. You need to pick out the perfect ring, and set everything up at the right time.

    You can make this special day an unforgettable one by knowing the neccessary decorations to use to make it look very beautiful.

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    Here are some useful ideas to try out:

    1. Rose Petals

    Marriage proposal petals and roses KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Starting with a classic choice, rose petals are very nice decorations to use. Red rose petals are the most obvious choice, but some people prefer white ones. You can combine the two and create a rose petal pathway that stretches from the entrance to the proposal spot. You can also make a heart shape with the rose petals or spell out “Will You Marry Me?”

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    2. Candles

    romantic candles KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Candles are there to create the most romantic ambiance. The more candles you light, the better. If you decide to make a rose petal pathway, you can place candles along the entire path.

    3. Champagne

    Safety Tips For A First Date KOKOBRIDES7

    What’s a proposal without champagne? Have a table with a champagne bottle and two glasses waiting for you to celebrate when they say “Yes.”

    4. LED Window Curtain String

    10 Tips To Note When Deciding On Wedding Decoration 13 kokobrides

    Here’s another idea for the lighting ambiance. It’s OK to add candles, fairy lights, or lanterns, but if you really want to make a statement, get LED twinkle star curtains and place them all around the proposal spot. The more lights, the better!

    5. Romantic Food

    romantic food KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Adding food to your proposal could also be a nice touch. Chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, or a versatile charcuterie board are all fantastic options. Along with the champagne bottle mentioned earlier, choose something your partner loves to eat and surprise them even more.

    6. LED Light-Up Marquee Letters

    marry me letters KOKO Brides Nigeria

    One popular proposal decoration idea is the LED “MARRY ME” sign, which comes in a variety of sizes. If you want to keep it simple, buy the smaller light-up marquee letters and hang them on the wall. For those who want a more dramatic effect, you can get giant LED letters and place them in a standing position. LED signs are a safer alternative to candles since they can’t be blown out or start a fire.

    7. Baloon Letters

    proposal baloons KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Spelling out “Will you marry me?” or just “Marry me?” with balloons is an affordable alternative to the LED sign. You can combine them with other types of balloons, such as heart-shaped balloons and confetti balloons.

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