Anuoluwapo And Habibat Proposal+Love Story Will Make You Never Give Up On Love

Every beautiful love story begins with a ‘Once upon a time’ and ends with an ‘I Do’ and a beautiful wedding ceremony leading to marital bliss but all these begin with the question ‘will you marry me?’

Anuoluwapo decided to pay Habibat a visit at her hostel, the groom-to-be was so into the moment he lost track of time.

Their love story began after Anuoluwapo risked his life because  he got carried away talking to Habibat. After the life risking event. Anuoluwapo vowed to win Habibat’s heart and here we are seeing the beginning of their love story unfold right before our eyes as both of them have taken the first step to saying ‘ I Do’.love Trending video of the day;
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