How To Beautify Your Wedding Dance Floor

Wedding Dance Floor is a must in almost all ceremony.

There are about 3 to 4 main types of dance floors used at Nigerian Weddings: The LED dancefloor, the flex dancefloor, the SAV dancefloor, and the glass dancefloor. Be sure to state what you want and also do not forget to include the size and shape you want.

1. The LED Dancefloor

There are different types of LED dancefloor, so you may want to be specific about your preference. It can also be very expensive to rent.

2. S.A.V Dancefloor

S.A.V dancefloor is a stick on dancefloor, which is normally stuck on a raised wooden poatform. If done right, it is neater and far more preferable than the flex dancefloor. Decorators normally just print your wedding logo on the S.A.V print, so if you want something different or an abstract design, please communicate this with your decorator or your wedding planner.

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3. Flex DanceFloor

Flex Dancefloor types are the least preferable when it comes to dancefloor but some decorators opt for this because it is the cheaper option. It is normally just placed on the bare floor and it could also be placed on a raised platform.

4. Flower or light glass dancefloor.

A tepid transparent glass is placed on the dancefloor with flowers or lights arranged inside to reflect outside. This type of dancefloor is also very costly.

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