Dolapo And Biodun Are Moving From Being Next Door Neighbours To Starting Their Home Together. Enjoy Their Love Story And Pre-wedding Shoot

Dolapo and Biodun’s sweet love story began at the university seven years ago and they both happened to be next-door neighbours.

Dolapo had always admired Biodun from afar. After they were introduced by a mutual friend, they became friends.

Now, they are moving from being neighbours to starting their home together.

Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding photos.

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How they met, as shared by Dolapo:

Biodun and I met in 2016 at the University of Ilorin. We were hostel mates but we didn’t start talking until January 2017.

We had a mutual friend who came to visit him regularly. I initially thought Biodun didn’t talk as he never said anything, only drove in and out.

That faithful day, January 17, he was with his friend and me but he was on his laptop. I tried staying calm as I was intimidated by his presence.

I said something that caught his attention, he replied in place of his friend and I smiled so hard and that smile was the connecting dot. According to him. He loved my big smile.  I still wear it to date.

We became close pals and gees. In March, I started developing feelings for him and told him. He literally told me he had a girlfriend and didn’t cheat. I accepted that and stayed away.

Things didn’t work out eventually with his relationship and he said he didn’t want me to stay away anymore. He asked me if I would love to be his girlfriend twice and I said No. Then the third time, I said yes.

It’s been 6 beautiful years with a lot of ups and downs. He always said love was never our issue.

I’m glad to write that he stood by me, he fought for us. He is a great partner and I have no single doubt he would be a great father. I’m glad I would have to share my life with my first in everything and the love of my entire life.

Their love story as shared by Biodun:

We met at the University of Ilorin. We were next-door neighbours and she had been checking me out while I was busy with a project at the time, not really paying attention to anyone.

During that time, being preoccupied with various things as a man, I didn’t notice her at first. She used to talk with my friend who often stopped by, which allowed her access to my room.

One day, she entered, and a conversation started. She responded with a smile that I found charming. As we talked, I discovered she was intellectually sound, making me feel like she was someone I could spend the rest of my life with.

It was refreshing to find someone with whom I could have meaningful conversations. This was the beginning of something special.

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