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    ‘Eru Iyawo’! The Bride Price Of A Yoruba Lady

    The ‘Eru Iyawo’ is known as the bride price. In Yoruba tribe, this consists of the agreed items which the groom and his family is expected to give to the bride’s family on the wedding day.

    The ‘Eru Iyawo’ list usually comes from the oldest member of the bride’s family. If the bride’s father is not the oldest in his family line, he will reach out to his eldest brother or uncle for the Eru Iyawo List, which is then given to the groom and his family.

    This list is a traditional requirement that has been practiced for many years and passed down to the next generation. It is an important practice for the groom and his family to bring the agreed items to the bride’s family. It is simply a show of appreciation for having raised a daughter that is set to be married to the man.

    Depending on the Yoruba community within the Yoruba land, the Eru Iyawo List might differ a little to include more or less items.

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    The items below are what can be found in most of the ‘Eru Iyawo’ list:

    • Bride Price (Amount between N1,000 to N5,000 for most Yoruba families. This amount is symbolic and usually returned to the groom after the wedding).
    • Proposal Letter
    • Travelling Suitcase
    • Jewelry
    • Brand New Outfits
    • Alligator Pepper
    • Salt
    • Tubers of Yam
    • Honey
    • Bible (for the Christians)
    • Quran and praying materials (for the Muslims)
    • Fresh Fruits
    • Bitter Kola nuts
    • Basket of Fruits
    • Engagement rings
    • Water
    • Umbrella
    • Pack of Sugar

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