From A Set Up To Best Friends Forever. Enjoy Ginika And Chikezie’s Love Story And Beautiful Pre-wedding Shoot

Ginika and Chikezie’s love journey began when Chikezie’s sister set them up so that they can meet each other.

Chikezie’s sister played cupid and set her brother up with her friend, Ginika. When these two finally met, they realized they had so much in common and they decided to give love a chance.

Now, their sweet love has blossomed into something extraordinary and they are on the journey of ‘forever’.

Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding shoot below:

How they met
As shared by the bride, Ginika:

In late 2020, I received a call from my family friend, now sister-in-law. She was like ‘I am going to introduce you to someone I think you might like’ and that was how I was introduced to Chikezie.

He was rounding up his PhD in the US while I was working in Lagos. At first, I wasn’t interested in a relationship because I was so focused on transitioning fully into my tech career. We stayed friends, I was a bit hesitant because of the distance but he stuck around.

Time went by and we unconsciously built a friendship. After a while, we became inseparable and he asked me to be his girlfriend. It became official when he visited me in Nigeria, and this bloomed into a beautiful relationship.

We found out we had a lot in common and the conversation just flowed effortlessly. We would talk all day and all night about everything and anything. I couldn’t start or end the day without him. Our love story blossomed with laughter, kindness, support and shared adventures.

Kezie is super sweet, very calm, caring, thoughtful, kind and of course handsome.  He totally complements my personality. Saying yes to marrying him has been my best decision yet.

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