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    Guide And Wordings For Your Wedding Invitation

    Wedding planning is on the way and it is finally time to put out a wedding invitation inviting people to your wedding ceremony and the official celebration of their love. This finally puts a date, time, and an official word out to guests that your big day is approaching and you would appreciate their presence at your ceremony.

    Guide And Wordings For Your Wedding InvitationGetting a wedding invitation card may seem like the simplest task on the wedding planning list but it does require certain things to nail the perfect one. Many times couples have had to deal with a number of notable errors in their invitation that they have to return them back to the printer or send out an additional information note to the guest letting them know what was missed out on the invite.

    As you get ready to send out your wedding invitation for your big day here is a guide to creating one and also wordings expected on the invite.
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    1. Define your style
      Reach out to designers with your wedding invitation ideas in advance so they have enough time to create them. If you are having a themed wedding like a cathedral theme, Bohemian, Rustic, etc. your invite will reflect this. Your colour of the day could also be added to the design of your invite.
    2. Inner Envelope 

      The inner envelope holds the invitation and indicates who specifically is invited to the wedding. This is the place to clearly write the names of each wedding guest and also their table number if they will be settled according to tables at your wedding.

    3. Reception Card
      If your wedding reception is not going to be held in the same location as the wedding ceremony, you’ll need to include a separate card with the reception information with wording that indicates the formality and nature of the event.
    4. Directions (Optional)
      It is not compulsory to include this for your wedding but it is essential to do this to help guests make it to your wedding easily without any hassle. Giving directions to your wedding venue makes their movement easier. If you are having a destination wedding additional information on contact details and travel details to the location will be needed.Now we go to the wordings of the wedding invitation
      Writing a wedding invitation isn’t a difficult or complicated task all it requires are simple, basic rules that you would follow. The most important rule of all is that you create a beautiful wedding invitation that represents you, your love, and the big day to come.

      1. The Host
      The first thing on the invite would be who is hosting the prestigious and beautiful ceremony. Typically a bride’s family hosts a wedding ceremony so their name comes first on the invite but the name of the groom’s family is usually included as well.  Add the name of the bride’s parent and the groom’s parent’s.

      The families of
      Name of Brides Parent
      Names of Groom’s parent

          1. The Request to Attend

            There are many ways to ask for the pleasure of your guests’ company. Here are a few options:

            • “the pleasure of your company”
            • “at the marriage of their children”
            • “would love for you to join them”
            • “invite you to celebrate with them”
            • “honor of your presence” 

              3. The Names of Couple

              Traditionally the name of the bride always precedes the groom’s name. Formal invitations refer to the bride by her first and middle names, the groom by his full name. Titles are not included.

              4. Date and Time
              The date of the wedding and the time should also be included

              5. The Location

              The street address of a venue should be written out in full so that guests know where they are going. The city and state should be written out in full as well. This may be the location of the church, a mosque for the wedding ceremony.

              6. Reception Information
              Very formal invitations include this information on a separate card. Otherwise, it can be printed on the wedding invitation itself if there is room; if the ceremony and reception are held in the same location, you may add “and afterward at the reception” or “reception immediately following.” When the reception is elsewhere, the location goes on a different line. Include the time if the wedding reception is not immediately following the ceremony.

              7. Dress Code
              Wedding invitation etiquette dictates that the dress code if you’re including it on the invitation it is in the lower right-hand corner of the invitation. If you also have a theme or colour code for the day you include it here so guests know the wedding style expected of them for your big day.

              8. Separate RSVP Card
              Your RSVP card should be included for response or a number that they would contact for additional information on the wedding.

              9. Access Card.
              This is a new one for wedding invitations and it is usually presented at the entrance to allow guests in. This card also includes the number of guests the card allows and if kids are allowed at the venue of the ceremony.

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