Ibukun And Olusola Shared The Same Values And Goals And They Are Now Into Their ‘Happy Ever After’. Enjoy Their Love Story And Pre-wedding Photos

Ibukun and Olusola’s paths crossed on their first day in grad school.

Ibukun and Olusola had so much in common. As time passed, their union gradually evolved into their happy ever after.

Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding photos.

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How they met, as shared by the couple:

First comes school, then comes marriage. We met in Grad School on orientation day. We realised we were both Nigerians and were from the same tribe. We had the same major and this meant would be taking the same classes, so we clicked immediately.

We would hang out after classes and talk about life in the US and what we wanted to do after grad school. We loved how we shared the same values and goals.

Months went by and our conversations became more geared toward family, love, and marriage and we thought; “This is definitely it!”. The rest is history.

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