Monday, May 20, 2024

    Ike Found Bridget On a Mutual Friend’s WhatsApp Status And It Led To Where They Are Now. Enjoy Their Love Story And Pre-wedding Photos

    WhatsApp brought Ike and Bridget together and they fell in love with each other.


    Ike and Bridget both had a mutual friend, and through him, they became close. Now, these two are on a sweet ride to a lifetime journey.

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    Enjoy their sweet love story as shared by Bridget:

    We met in March 2020 when a friend posted a video of me on WhatsApp. That was when Ike saw me and requested my number which my friend didn’t hesitate to give him.

    He texted me immediately on WhatsApp his first three words were ‘You are beautiful’ and he wanted to meet. We met the next day over dinner and the boy could not imagine someone else being my boyfriend other than him, so he asked me to be his girlfriend. One thing led to another and now we’re here.

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