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    Live Band Or DJ: What’s The Music Choice For Your Wedding

    Your wedding day is a big deal and it is important for you to have the most amazing time while celebrating with the love of your life and your family, friends. When making a choice for your music at your big day you are expected to choose either a Live Band or a DJ. Couples and well-wishers want to have a good time so it’s important for you to have a great music selection.

    Live Band Or DJ What's The Music Choice For Your WeddingThe type of event you would love to have determined the sort of music choice you would make eventually but we are here to help explain what both teams offer and help you make a great decision at the end of the day.
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    1. A live band can bring the right vibe
      It’s hard not to be excited by a live performance listening to sounds from a number of instruments burst through the speakers. The feeling of a live band can be electrifying. When a band is close to the dance floor, people can feel the energy. They also bring a new twist to a number of your favourite songs giving them a new meaning. In the African setting, the live band hails guests and gets the crowd pumped up for a good time.                                                                                                                    Read also: 76 Slangs Commonly Used by Yahoo Boys Nigerian Fraudsters
    2. The Disc Jockey brings a wide selection of music
      The Disc Jockey blesses the crowd with a wide selection of music, taste, and style at the wedding. Jockeys are blessed with a wide music catalog that features a number of genres Hip Hop, RnB, House, Trap, Disco, Afrobeat, or AfroPop. This wide ranges of music choices offer you a great time at a wedding and you can dance the night away. Read Also: Top 8 Richest Adeleke Family Members to Their net Worth
    3. Live Band has better audience interaction
      The live band setting involves them having a great interaction with the crowd by dropping words, tunes, or a few other effects so if you want to have a very interactive ceremony with the crowd a live band is what is best for you.                                     Read More: Most Common 5 Nursery Rhymes We Sang Wrongly
    4. A wild night is for the Disc Jockey
      Wild, wild, wild is all that comes to our mind when we reflect on a few wedding after-parties we have attended in the past where the DJ delivered an amazing performance. You watch the crowd, the couple all lose their home training at the party door and show up for a good night.                                                                                                 Read Also: Types of Money Ritual Awure Osole
    5. DJ’s help you with music selection
      If you are not very familiar with music selection for your big day you can trust Disc Jockey to help you with the decision-making process. Over time they have been exposed to a number of songs so they could recommend what’s perfect for you.                    Read More: 10 most popular female skitmakers in Ngeria
    6. Live Bands give the experience of a lifetime
      Your wedding is a special day and a lifetime experience so you want to look back on this special day and let it evoke special emotions from the special moments. A live band gives the experience, pleasure of a performance.
    7. DJ’s go on for several hours without needing a break
      Every Live band needs a break after spending several hours on the drums and other instruments to recharge their energy but your Disc Jockey he/she could go on for several hours without taking a break and when he does he could still leave the music on so there is no dull moment.                                                                                  Read More: Asake Mr Money Biography Net worth Real Name Girlfriend
    8. Usually, big band sounds and universal groove-worthy songs are delivered best by a live band.
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