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    Interesting Location Ideas For Outdoor Proposals

    Outdoor proposals are divine because nature adds an element of wonder to its romantic settings. The locations wait to tell love stories.

    Think of the places that mean something to the two of you – where you met, where you had your first date or kiss, or the first place you said, “I love you”. Then, create clues that lead to each spot and have notes or cards (or even a voice recording of yourself) describing what each place or stop signifies.

    Here are some interesting location ideas for outdoor proposals:

    1. Beach Proposal

    There’s something romantic about proposing on the beach, whether it’s a white sandy stretch or exploring famous rock formations and caves.

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    2. Vineyard Proposal

    If you and your partner love good food and fine wine, a vineyard may be the perfect place to propose. This is a great choice for couples who enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to do anything extreme.

    3. DIY Movie Night Proposal

    There’s something romantic about outdoor cinema. Think candles, fairy lights and a projector-style set up outside.

    Don’t forget to include the following as well:

    • great food
    • nice wine
    • moonlight

    4. Park Proposal

    Look for a beautiful public park where there are green spaces full of trees, grass, and possibly a lake or other water feature. These public parks are a great place to propose!  They are beautiful, clean, and your partner probably wouldn’t think anything of you taking them there for an afternoon or evening stroll.

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