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    #MOlovestory23: Mariama And Onis Found Love in The Office. Enjoy Their Love Story And Wedding Photos

    Mariama and Onis found love during the long hours at work.

    Their love began when Onis offered to teach Mariama how to code but what unraveled was a perfect fairytale.

    They have undoubtedly cracked the love code and tied the knot in a beautiful civil wedding ceremony.

    Mariama effortlessly slayed her outfits and Onis understood the drip assignment.

    Enjoy their love story and wedding photos.

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    How they met, as shared by the bride Mariama:

    We met in 2018 when working at sister companies. The first time we talked was when he walked past me on a night I stayed back at the office late and was learning to code. He stopped by, introduced himself and promised to help me if I had any technical challenges I needed help with. That was how we became friends.
    He never kept his promise to teach me how to code but pursued other things instead, LOL. We got talking, became better friends, went on so many dates and the rest as they say is history. We officially started dating in early 2019 and have been together since. Last year, we finally decided to consummate our love into a marriage. So, here we are!
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