Olamide And Ofuafo Fell In Love With Each Other In Medical School, And It’s Been A Journey Of Bliss. Inside Their Love Story + Pre-wedding Photos

Back then in medical school, Olamide fell in love with her senior colleague Ofuafo and it has been a journey of bliss.

Olamide and Ofuafo started as casual friends. They found out that they had a lot in common. Ofuafo took their friendship to the next step and asked Olamide to be his girlfriend.

Enjoy the rest of the story and their beautiful pre-wedding photos.

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Olamide shares their love story:

I met Ofuafo in medical school, who was 2 years ahead of me. We started as friends and talked a whole lot. He was also my tutorial teacher and quiz team leader… we had a lot in common.

When he asked me out, I remember having lots of emotions at the same time. I also had to talk to God, we had just been friends for quite a long while and we had a baseline relationship already.

It’s now been 5 years, a journey indeed but I couldn’t have asked for a more intentional, patient, forgiving and loving man. Forever would be beautiful all the way.

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