Orby Said ‘Yes’ To Uche, And Now, It’s A Sweet Journey To Forever. Enjoy Their Love Story And Proposal Photos

Eight years ago, Uche moved to a new hostel while he was in University. This little act of relocating led him to the love of his life Orby.

Uche and Orby became good friends, but their friendship went further when Uche asked his new found friend to be his girlfriend. Orby said ‘yes’ to him and now, it is a sweet journey to forever.

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story.

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How they met, as shared by Uche:

It was 2015, I just moved to a shared hostel a little bit away from school. She was a roommate to my friend’s friend.

I accompanied my friend to her room and that was the first time we met and we became friends after that. Because we were staying a bit far away from school, we couldn’t get food easily as there were no restaurants close by.

One day, she was going to get food and came to my room to ask if I wanted anything, and she got me rice and meat. 😁 This was the first of many kind things she did for me. Mumu me, I was reading book so we never dated while I was in school, but we kept in touch. All the while, we had been joking about dating and getting married.

She moved to Lagos for her internship in 2021 and she came to visit me. We tried unsuccessfully to bake scones (and she said she could bake o), I took her on a date for her birthday and asked her to be my girlfriend and so the story began…

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