Adorable! David n Ella’s FairyTale Story Is A Complete Mood

No matter the heartbreaks, the constant aches and the persistent feeling of being a no-good, when you have found love, you have found love. It compensates for all those times you felt lost, brings the glow to your once dampened heart, brightens your world, and leave you feeling joy for days. Well, this could be said for bride-to-be Ella, who warm tenderness in the heart of David and couldn’t believe their 5 years journey to forever would be the real deal. Ella who shared her love story with us said that:

We were like 13 years old, standing at the bus stop waiting for the 21 one Summer. You turned to me and said “I’m going to marry you one day”  I laughed and said “With what ?” but inside I was screaming “AMEN”. Fast-forward to 03/10/2018 you kept your promise and asked me to be your wife!! I admire you. 

So many things & people tried to stop us, and they were sure that you’d leave me… sometimes I was afraid that you would too.  But you told me “ it’s Ella or nothing”.  You’ve fought hard to get us here.  Calling you the man of my dreams feels like an insult because I didn’t even have the courage to dream of a man like you. 

You’ve made my life better than any fairytale. Babe, Thank you. For everything.  now it’s time to TURN UPPP & GO ALL THE WAY AWFF! God is too GOOD!!!

Photo Credit: @aristaimagery @oye_diran