After Their First Encounter, Marthin’s Knew Anu Was The One, And He Was Right

The Sunday they met was just like every other day, except for Marthins and Anu, that day would mark the day they would begin their beautiful journey of love. The #LoveinApril2019 love story is just amazing and their pre-wedding photos? to say mind-blowing is, to say the least. Check their photos below.. The groom-to-be shared his love story when he said:

“On a lazy Sunday afternoon, a friend asked that I go with her for an ‘ushering job’ on the island. I obliged thinking extra cash won’t be a bad idea. On getting to the location and as I made my way into the house, I heard someone from behind say – ‘Excuse me please, I am Marthins, the director for this shoot. What are you doing here?’ I was irritated at the question and replied with a silly answer and headed into the house.

The shoot began almost immediately, and I knew I wasn’t going to be a part of it as I didn’t know how I was going to explain to my parents that I was a vixen. came around to pass party cups and props for everyone at the shoot and I pleaded with him not to show my face or bring his camera close to me. Towards the end of the shoot, I went into the restroom to wait it out. We bumped into each other a couple of times when I came to check if the shoot was over and he requested my number. Well,  I gave him a wrong number. Somehow, he figured I gave him a wrong number and confronted me, and I had no choice but to give him the right one.

Guess what? He waited a whole month before he called me. I was a fresher in the University of Lagos and definitely didn’t think he was interested. Two weeks later, he called back again asking for a date. I stalled. He kept calling and I finally agreed. When he came to pick me up, I was having a tutorial as exams were a few weeks away. He waited 4 hours until my tutorial finished. We talked a bit, he had a book and pink notepad with him which I requested for. He mentioned the notepad was his goal book but will give me on the condition that I write my goals for the year and hand it to him on our next date. Well, that was the beginning of forever.

Photo Credit: @zimmani