Eghe and Kaly’s Love Story Started In The Bank And It’s So Pure And Beautiful

Imagine meeting the love of your life in a banking hall? He asks for a pen you smile and then gives it to him, five years later he’s giving you a beautiful ring in return. This may not be the exact blueprint of Eghe and Kaly’s love story, but they did meet in the bank and created something amazing. Read their love story below…

I never liked the idea of going into any bank to make transactions because of my phobia for queues, so I always had a bank card (ATM). On the 30th of July, 2015 my atm expired and I had no other option but to go into the bank. Little did I know that I was about to meet the man of my dreams, my soul mate.

I got into the bank with a frown on my face and joined the queue. I was scrolling through Instagram on my phone when a gentleman walked up to me and said I wasn’t supposed to use my phone in the banking hall. I looked up at the guy and politely said sorry while the frown gave way to a half smile.

On my way out the same gentleman walked up to me and asked for my Instagram handle. For some strange reasons, I gave it to him. This was how our story began. I gave him tasks, difficult hurdles and presented impossible scenarios but every time with a smile he would say “ I’m going to marry you”.

On a cold windy Saturday being the 30th of June,2018 this gentleman who asked only for my Instagram handle got down on a knee and asked for my hand and my heart in a way I’ve always wished for and a way I will never forget. I can’t wait to tell our kids. Since that beautiful night, my world has changed and we want to live and love every day like a fairy tale.