For The Beautiful Love Of Everything Vintage! See Laide And Emma’s Pre-Wedding Photos

Couples all over the world have taken to creative pre-wedding photoshoots. They do not just want to take pictures alone, they want to tell the beautiful tale of their love. This is why we think Laide and Emma’s pre-wedding photo shoot screams “Walk me down my past so we can better understand our future”, pure vintage romance! see the bride to-be Laide’s romantic love story below: Emma and I met at a friend’s wedding on Valentine’s day. I had just left a bad relationship and I had zeroed my mind on trying to get into a new one. I was dancing close to the table where he was and he approached me and asked for my number. I was reluctant because I had given up on guys but a mutual friend of ours who was on the table assured me he was a very decent person. So, I decided to give him my number. He called some days later and I had totally forgotten I gave him my number”“We started talking and I was initially not interested. He asked me out on a date and I found out he had never dated anyone which surprised me. Some months later, on the 10th of April, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember mentioning to him that he would be the last guy I would date. Even though the nature of his job requires him to travel within and out of the county a lot, I grew to love him even more, each passing day and we just ensured communication was strong”.The bride-to-be explaining the idea behind the creative theme said: For our pre-wedding shoot, we wanted to portray our love story. After we met and started dating; we were in a partial distant relationship due to Emma’s job but that didn’t stop our love from going stronger, hence the theme for the pre-wedding. Oh, I am the first lady he ever dated and now the first and only lady he is going to get married to”.