From Hellos To I-Do, Eva And Sic Are Ready To Put A Ring On It

Love is such a beautiful thing and feeling, that fuzzy warm chocolate sensation at the pit of your stomach whenever you are staring at your dearly beloved, yes, that feeling is amazing! You know what’s more amazing? The #Chisic love story related by the groom-to-be Sic. See below…
Before smartphones took over the world and DM sliding wasn’t a thing, I met Eva during my final year at the University, through a mutual friend. Then we started on “hello, hi” basis whenever we ran into each other up-school, however, her shakara was just plenty, and she sent obvious signs that she wasn’t looking to date at the time. So we settled for being just friends (against my wish).
We stayed distant friends and she would call me randomly to seek my opinion on things and I’d do the same, then we started seeing more often during my final clearance in school. Few days before I went into NYSC camp, I had dropped her off at her house and we said goodbyes.  When I got home, she called me and told me she left a surprise package under the driver’s seat. I checked and I found that she had left me a complete kit of everything I needed for NYSC camp. I felt a teardrop. That night I asked her to be my girl, and she gave me the first “yes”.